About Me

Hi my name is Susan Baird and  I live in Cove, Oregon.  I started studying photography in 2014 through Click Photo School (now Click Community). I became a Click Pro Master after composing a portfolio for 4 years.  I'm also a Lensbaby Ambassador.  Lensbaby is a brand of creative lenses.  I love that there is always something new to learn in photography!  I use manual mode when photographing. I have studied composition, posing, lighting (I use off camera flash during my sessions) and I also know how to use natural light.  I hand edit each image with Lightroom and  Photoshop. I spend around 20-40 minutes per image on editing.  My first seniors were from the class of 2015.  In my business, I specialize in senior photography and school sports team photos.  It's a lot of fun to photograph seniors and athletes. I love live action sports images as well!  My other passion is to photograph nature and old barns/buildings.




Cove, Oregon

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